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[Poll] Jennie vs. Wendy vs. Momo


Here is the poll between 3 male idols: Jennie, Wendy and Momo.


Jennie – Blackpink


Wendy – Red Velvet

Momo – Twice


In this poll you vote for your favorite idol as much as you want. You can also share this poll so that your friends can vote too. The result will be announced on 13th July. The one that gets highest votes will be the winner.

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  • Dhy-al Mulky


  • Dhy-al Mulky


  • Ngọc Minh

    Momorin <3

  • Lectora.

    JENNIE bb

  • Wong Kiki

    Please all support Wendy forever!!!

  • Lavin.

    Momoring ♡♡♡♡♡♡

  • puppy pi

    so sad i cant choose both wendy and jennie ❤️BLACKVELVET❤️