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The truth about Minzy leaving YG


Minzy, ex-member of legendary girl group 2NE1, has received alot of hate since her departure from YG Entertainment. People have called her several names including ‘snake’.
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The year Minzy left, her contract was actually up and she had to re-new to YG. She intended to do so but had a few contract requests! The issue here is; YG declined these requests and basically said: ‘Accept what we have to offer or sign to someone else.’
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What were these requests? One of the main requests was a ‘higher salary’. Why? Not because she really wanted much more money, but because she wanted to WORK. Minzy thought that a higher salary would force YG to actually give Minzy schedules to bring money in. She thought it would give her the opportunity to be able to do something solo while 2NE1 was forced to be in a hiatus. Dara and CL had things going but Minzy? Not really.
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YG declined these offers simply because they didn’t see the worth in Minzy. This also explains why Minzy was hurt to not being able to do ‘Goodbye’ (She didn’t even know about it’s existence) and why she to this day feels lonely being completly alone without 2NE1. The good thing is, that she still seems good friends with the girls. Especially Bom, who is the most supportive one. That was so sad.

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