182Koreans have a lot of bizarre terms when it comes to describing certain things. “Eye smile” is the phenomenon that happens when our idols smile and their eyes form a rather adorable crescent moon shape. It makes our hearts flutter and if paired with aegyo makes us squeal like fangirls.

Here are 18 idols that have best eye smile:

Eunji(from Apink), Woohyun(from Infinite), Jaebum(from GOT7), Onew(from Shinee), Dahyun(from Twice), Shownu(from Mosta X), Taeyang(from Bigbang), Baekhyun(from EXO), Tiffany(from Girls’ Generation), Nichkhun(from 2PM), Donghae(from Super Junior), Yerin(from GFriend), Daehyun(from B.A.P), Sulli(former member of F(x)), Baekho(from Nu’est), Woozi(from Seventeen), Jimin(from Bangtan Boys).


Eye smiles can make our idols cuter by 101% than usual. Which idol do you think has the best eye smile? Who would you consider the Eye Smile King and Queen?

Please vote for your favorite idol below:

The result will be posted on 7th February. 3 idols that get lowest votes will be eliminated.