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About three years into their debut, JB, Mark, Junior, Jackson, Youngjae, Bambam, and Yugyeom are enjoying a string of successes and a burst of popularity globally. Whether you’re a resident ahgase (that’s short for IGOT7) or the newly initiated, here are 5 things you didn’t know about the group!

They speak 7 languages

With members hailing from South Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, and the US, they definitely have no problem communicating with fans from nearly every part of the world. Jackson alone is fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin, English, and knows a smattering of French, but the rest of the members can certainly hold their own. The group has transferred their linguistic capabilities to songs too, having recently covered Rak-Tur, a popular Thai song, as well as karaoke-classic, David Tao’s I Love You during the Fly tour.


Who’s a smart cookie?

They may not be averse to making derp faces (see: every performance of Just Right ever) but they are anything but dense. JB, leader and resident meme of the group, arms himself with razor sharp replies that wittily keep fangirls at a distance, while Jackson, who effortlessly plays the role of court jester revealed that he had received scholarship offers to the prestigious Stanford and Hong Kong University, which he turned down to pursue his dreams. What can we say, we’re glad he decided on the latter!

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They’ve got style(s)

Since debut, the group has gone through a revolving door of musical styles from metal to hard hitting hip hop to cute, and their versatility has only become more apparent  with the members helming the majority of the composition for their latest album, Flight Log: Departure themselves. They’re also a diverse bunch when it comes to dance styles—Yugyeom’s flashy footwork is thanks to his foundation in House dancing, while leader JB used to ply his trade in a b-boy crew. Watch them battle each other below!

Always on trend

Sure, they put in hours of practice to pull off flawless dance formations and highly difficult moves and flips while on stage, but novelty dances are where it’s at with GOT7. From the whip and nae nae to the dougie and dab, they take every opportunity to show off their repertoire, whether impromptu on stage, or worked into their actual choreography. These dances aren’t something they take lightly either; as Bambam memorably said once, “I dab every morning when I wake up!”

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Flirt mode: ON

With each other, that is! You’d think that with seven young men in a group, there would be more than a little awkwardness. Not so. GOT7 are openly affectionate with each other and on any given day, you’d see handholding, butt tapping, and them dishing out major heart eyes to one another with no reservation. They don’t skimp on fan service either. Bambam’s tweets to his fans have been known to regularly cause swooning and hearts to go aflutter!

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Watch their Music Video “Never Ever”

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