BTS is the #1 valued singer in terms of brand value.

According to the Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation, BTS was at the top of the October data for all singers, followed by Wanna One and IU. 120,970,603 pieces of data were examined from September 6th to October 7th. BTS had a total of 12,426,570, while Wanna One had 12,228,571 and IU had 7,359,167.

BTS had a total of 12,426,570 pieces of data
Wanna One had 12,228,571 pieces of data
IU had 7,359,167 pieces of data

The rest of the singers ranked, in order, were G-FriendEXOTWICEBlack PinkTaeyeonRed VelvetSunmiHyunABolbbalgan4A PinkPsyBig BangSeventeenBTOBVIXXLovelyzWINNERMAMAMOOINFINITEWoo Won Jae10cmHaengjuYoon Jong ShinHwang Chi YeolKim Chung Ha, and Zico.